Australian and their Humble Meat Pie!

Well, the holiday season is nearing and you already know what the best delicacies for this occasion! Yup, its pie. Pie is such a suitable treat for any season that we have had it in our lives for as long as one can remember. And of course, meat pie, no one can resist such a mouthwatering meat pie.

Does anyone here agree that the best meat pie is crafted by Granny? We’ll have to agree since our signature yummy pie recipe comes from Granny’s. She makes the pies taste so much better! We specially brought Australia Pies recipe to Bali, so that people can enjoy the authentic taste of pies in Bali.

Granny’s love for her family is endless, so she picks the best out of everything, including ingredients to bake such a warm and humble meat pie. The ingredients for the meat pie were all premium! From the tender wagyu beef, tasteful gravy, to crispy crust authentically made to indulge your palate.

Used to be the brand “I Make The Pies”, we are developing Granny’s recipe for warmer and humble taste of pie for Bali.

And Granny Made are here to help you taste the one and only, best pies in Bali! We sell between 500 and 800 pies each day, about 20% of which are sold to local and Australian customers that stay in Bali. We can agree that everybody loves it! And of course, Beef Pies are the shining-stars, made from high-quality wagyu beef paired with
rich gravy and other additional toppings, such as fresh cheddar cheese, black pepper, and vegetables.

Other than the beef pies in Bali, you can enjoy the hype with other choices. The tender chicken and creamy mushroom pie also offer one bite full of heavenly taste that’ll bring joy to your palate! Also, never leave the signature one, Kiwi Mince Pie. Does anyone ever hear about Kiwi Pies? Well, kiwi pies aren’t made from the kiwi fruit, it’s still savory pies, it’s beef! The minced beef inside the crust made the best texture ever!

And to our dearly vegan friends, we also offer a vegan-friendly option made of grilled beans, carrot, peas, corn, and potatoes with thick Coconut Curry sauce!

So, while you’re here and miss the authentic Australian’s humble meat pie, why not devour the tasteful one with Granny Made?